August 23, 2019
Though his deep art appreciation didn’t come until he retired and started working with the Denver Art Museum, Baryn Futa has become someone who appreciates the finer and subtler aspects of society. he feels that, too often, brilliant artists are too often under-appreciated by society and he is intent on doing what he can to alleviate that problem. He also wants to preserve the art that exists, which is why he now has a very impressive art collection of his own, which he frequently loans to museums in a bid for greater art appreciation.

Put into its simplest terms, Baryn Futa believes strongly that that fine art is a key element that allows future generations to gain insight into the societies that came before. Baryn Futa hopes to encourage others to preserve art for the ages. For that reason, every society should strive to support and protect art to the best of its ability. Unfortunately, the arts are too often taken for granted and that neglect is unconscionable. That is what serves as the driving motivation behind Baryn Futa's newly extensive support for the arts.